Xelliss Spirulina Health and Wellness Products

xellis spirulina

Xelliss Spirulina Health and Wellness Products

xelliss microbiome
X3 MicroBiome
Is composed of live
Bifidobacterium lactis bacteria,
soluble fibre and "A3NAT"
high-grade spirulina.
These three ingredients
act in symbiosis and
support weight management.

A3 Caps Spirulina
A spirulina powder.
Unique and produced via photobioreactor cultivation,
it provides energy, vitality
and overall well-being!

Europa Espresso Coffee
A premium, selection
of blends and flavors to
spark your senses
and delight your palate.
Added benefits with spirulina.

PhycoSci AM
A3Nat spirulina, is combined
with natural vitamin C
from Acerola
and natural lime flavor.

PhycoSci Sport
Specially designed for athletes with increased nutritional needs, also valuable aid to increase performance
and progress quickly.

PhycoSci PM
A blend with the delicious
 taste of mango, rich in phycocyanin. Cinnamon,
ginger and reishi lend an exotic
touch to the mango flavor.

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A3 Powder Spirulina
Significant iron content
(double the average amount
found in other spirulina).
The amino acid profile
of spirulina contains almost
50% essential amino acids.

Ridium >
Sometime in
Feb. 2021

Regenerating and repairing treatment with an immediate micro-lifting effect. A natural product, unique in the world of cosmetics. Its main ingredient (99% of the composition) originates from the natural extract of the marine microalgae Porphyridium cruentum.

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